Performance of Lung Function Testing

Spirometery Testing

Spirometry testing is provided for any patient above the age of approximately 5 years so that the condition of the lungs can be monitored. It reveals any swelling, damage or spasms in the airways.


The test requires the patient to breathe in fully, seal the lips around the spirometer’s mouthpiece and immediately blow out as fast as possible until the lungs are empty.


Each test takes 30-60 seconds. The test will be repeated until three acceptable results are obtained.


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Teaching you:
  • About lung disease and the role of your medications
  • How to recognise your symptoms at an early stage
  • How to identify and control environmental triggers
Showing you:
  • How to use your inhaler (puffer), spacer and peak flow meter
  • Breathing exercises to control shortness of breath (e.g. purse-lip breathing)
Helping you:
  • Recognise when to take your breathing medication in safe, effective doses
  • Reduce your shortness of breath and avoid uncomfortable symptoms
  • Set personal goals and use your action plan


It has been a wonderful pleasure meeting you and thank you for giving me more insight about asthma. I now have a better understanding.
You are very welcoming and wonderful with people. Keep up the good work.

Mbali Mahaye
15 June 2020

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