The Lung Wellness Clinic offers a professional, efficient and cost-effective delivery of services to patients by providing assessment, monitoring, education and support for children and adults diagnosed with respiratory disease.

The objective is to work together with each patient’s healthcare providers by providing ongoing and regular patient follow-up to help these individuals manage their disease with fewer hospital admissions, visits to their physician and absences from school or work. This will be achieved by helping each patient to understand and manage their respiratory disease so they can live more active, higher quality healthy lives.


For all persons with respiratory disorders to be living comfortably and confidently.


To develop and deliver a high quality approachable, affordable, community based service that improves the health and quality of life for people with respiratory diseases.

What the clinic offers

Lung Function Testing

Spirometry and/or peak flow testing is provided for any patient above the age of approximately 5 years so that the condition of the lungs can be monitored. It reveals any swelling, damage or spasms in the airways.

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Respiratory Assessment

All respiratory clients attending The Lung Wellness Clinic need a respiratory assessment to help determine how well the respiratory system is functioning.

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Self Management Planning

A self-management plan is an agreed set of guidelines between you and your doctor or asthma nurse on ‘what to do when’.

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Educational Activities

The Lung Wellness Clinic provides educational activities that cover a wide range of topics including respiratory disease prevention, technologies to aid treatment and promotion of wellness.

Friends of the Lung Wellness Clinic


It has been a wonderful pleasure meeting you and thank you for giving me more insight about asthma. I now have a better understanding.
You are very welcoming and wonderful with people. Keep up the good work.

Mbali Mahaye
15 June 2020

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